What is a Pilot chair

A pilot chair is a specialized seat used by maritime pilots to maneuver ships through hazardous waters, harbors, and straits. It is designed to provide comfort and stability, and to withstand challenging conditions at sea.

Norsap is a leading supplier of high-quality pilot chairs for maritime pilots, offering a range of options to meet the needs of different ships and navigators.

  • First in line is our Norsap 1000, one of the best chairs in our range. Under every condition, it performs exactly as it should and can be equipped with a wide range of add-ons.

  • Norsap 1500 is our toughest and best-performing chair with the widest range of add-ons. This chair is built to last. The Norsap 1500 is the perfect chair when the mission is critical, and comfort is crucial. This is our go-to pilot chair.
  • Norsap 1600 has the strength of Norsap 1500 with a modern design. You can find just what suits your boat with the full leather or aluminum backrest.
  • Norsap 150 Performance is a dedicated suspension seat for maritime use. The seat has an organic design without protruding or sharp edges for safety and convenience.

For decades, Norsap’s pilot chairs have ensured the safe navigation of ships, and are built to last. Contact a dealers or Norsap’s head office in Kristiansand for customized pilot chair solutions.

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