Table pedestals

Art.No 2090

This product comes in the following heights(cm):
  • Art. no
  • Art. no 2090-475-720

Height adjustable table pedestal with twist-lock.

Comes with twist-lock pedestal for easy mounting and demounting of the pedestal. Flange protrudes only 15 mm / 0.5” from deck when pedestal is not in use.

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Manual Height adjustment

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Norsap marine pedestals have various options to satisfy every boater’s needs. Options such as a removable base, fixed height, adjustable height, and gas-dampened styles provide the right product for every user. All pedestals are offered in standard anodized aluminum. The removable deck-mounted pedestals have a flush surface mount deck flange made of 316 stainless steel. Some of the models are available in other versions; glossy or white.