Norsap 1100

Art.No 5050

Norsap 1100

Norsap ergonomic icon - Backrest tilt


Adjusts the angel of the backrest

Norsap ergonomic icon - Chair or seat rotation


Rotate the chair top with armrests

Norsap ergonomic icon - Column height

Height adjustable column with gas-spring

Assisted seat height adjustment

(On specified models)

Norsap ergonomic icon - Footrest height

Adjustable footrest

Adjust the height of the footrest

(On specified models)

Norsap ergonomic icon - seat slide

Gliderail under seattop

Slide the chair top forward or backwards with the armrests

The Norsap 1100 series offers a modern design solution with comfort and ergonomics in mind. It has a height adjustable footrest with the ability to be folded up and rotate 360 degrees around the chair, and has the 100 mm diameter column. The flanged base is designed for permanent deck mounting or it can integrate with the optional Deck Rail solutions.

Min seat height: 51 cm

Max seat height: 69 cm



Compatible products


Mounting: Top


Mounting: Top


Mounting: Flush


Mounting: Flush

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Column type: Round 10
Armrest size: Small
Min seat height: 63
Max seat height: 77
Footrest: Yes