Impulse Rails

Art.No 6696

This product comes in the following lengths:

Impulse rail for 15/16/18/4000 series.

Flush deck rail with buttons or membrane panel on armrest, with conveyer for cables

The Impulse deck rail is a strong, elegant and rail system for all kind of environments.
An electrically operated deck rail increases the comfort and has integrated cable guiding, which holds an extremely large number of cables without building much in height or under floor in the flush version.
Produced in high quality aluminium. Delivered as flush mounted rail.

Compatible products


Column type: XL
Armrest size: Large


Column type: XL
Armrest size: Medium
Min sitting height: 60
Max sitting height: 87
Footrest: Yes


Column type: Round 15
Armrest size: Small
Min sitting height: 72
Max sitting height: 92
Footrest: Yes


Column type: Round 15
Armrest size: Controller
Min sitting height: 63
Max sitting height: 73
Footrest: Yes