Norsap 1600

Art.No 8710

Norsap 1600 Standard M Aluminium back.

Column height

On specified models


Adjusts the angel of the backrest

Seat pan length

Adjusts the length of the seat pan

Adjustable footrest

On specified models.



The Norsap 1600 Standard is a robust and comfortable range – perfectly suited for demanding environments, compact in size and easy to install. It has a height adjustable footrest with the ability to be folded up, and has the flanged oval column with a large footprint with 4 mounting holes for secure fastening to the deck. This is designed to integrate with the Active or Impulse deck rail that can be delivered as a flush or top mounted deck rail.



Compatible products


Mounting: Flush

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Column type: Oval
Armrest size: Medium
Min sitting height: 67
Max sitting height: 80
Footrest: Yes