The Helm chair

The best Helm chairs is made with high-quality materials that are also lightweight and durable. They should meet the needs of the specific vessel in which they will be used. For example, they enhance the interior design or be integrated with vital steering components.

Helm chairs by Norsap can meet these needs no matter the vessel – whether it’s a supply yacht or an angler in the Arctic Ocean. From sunny skies and warm weather to the harsh artic winter far from any coast, Norsap helm chairs are present.

  • Norsap 1000 and Norsap 1500 may be our most popular helm chairs, with or without extras such as deck rails and joystick boxes. We believe there are no vessels these chairs won’t fit and no conditions these chairs cannot survive.
  • Norsap 1100 is present on military vessels and luxury yachts. It’s slim and modern design does not compromise the comfort or function you can expect from this helm chair. The range of options for color, leather, and the height of the backrest offers a rare number of possibilities for a chair like this.
  • Norsap 1600 has the strength of Norsap 1500 with a modern design. With the full leather or aluminum backrest, you can find just what suits your boat.
  • Norsap 1800 is not only full of possibilities, but it also has highly adjustable ergonomics. This chair can be adjusted to fit anyone.

Whatever the challenges of the open ocean, these Norsap helm chairs have helped set the course for many years – and they will for years to come.  

Contact one of our many dealers and agents around the world, or contact our head office, located in Kristiansand, to tell us what you need from your helm chair.

  • Norsap 1000

  • Norsap 1500

  • Norsap 1500

  • Norsap 1100

    Low back
  • Norsap 1100

    oval column
  • Norsap 1600

  • Norsap 1800

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