• Norsap er den ledende produsenten av skipper, pilot og operatør stoler

    The global leader of Pilot, Operator and Helmsman chairs.

  • Designet og bygget i Norge siden 1969

    Designed and built in Norway since 1969

  • Liebherr crane cabin view

    Norsap 1800 Crane operator chair

    Photo by Liebherr

    The cranes of the Liebherr HLC series are supplied with an extra-large two-room cabin offering the crane operator maximum comfort and ergonomically optimal working enviroment. A custom Norsap 1800 with XL column were chosen for the HLC series.

  • Norsap Agile Workstation

    Norsap 4000 Agile

    Photo by Norsap

    The 4000 Agile is developed around the Norsap 4000 chair, with even more features. The chair makes it possible to sit or stand without leaving the chair or controls.

  • Yacht support bridge

    Norsap 1600 Helm Chair

    Photo by Lynx Yachts

    The YXT 24 Evolution by Lynx Yachts, is a model developed with a clear objective: to deliver more for owners. The Norsap 1600 S with leather backrest and round column was chosen for the YXT 24 Evolution bridge.

  • Pilot-boat

    Norsap 1500 Pilot chair

    Port Everglades Pilot boat by Baltic workboats US
  • Westport 125 Yacht helm

    Norsap 1100 Helm chairs

    Photo by Westport

    The Norsap 1100 is a popular chair for Yachts and other vessels were design and comfort is important on the bridge.

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