Frequently asked questions regarding Norsap Chairs and Deck Rails

Which chair should I choose?

The chair you choose completely depends on your bridge layout, intended use, preferred design, and the equipment you would like to interact with.

The Norsap chair range accommodates a variety of controllers, monitors and layouts. From the smallest Norsap 800, which can be upgraded to accommodate smaller joysticks, to the biggest Norsap 4000 L chair, which can handle up to four monitors, several buttons and four joysticks.

The Norsap 1100, with its ultra-slim design, great comfort and classic five-star base, is featured in several superyachts, air carriers and on-shore facilities. Perfect when a smaller chair design is the primary need.

What is the difference between ACTIVE and IMPULSE?

ACTIVE chairs are activated or locked with various gas springs. When you want to adjust one of the settings, you use your body weight to move the selected setting into the desired position.

IMPULSE chairs can easily be adjusted to fit the user with its electric activated adjustments. The custom ergonomic fit can be achieved manually or based on your height using the membrane panel or Norsap Quicksize function.

Does any of the Norsap chairs come with user memory?

As an add-on to Norsap Quicksize, the chair may be fitted with a Norsap personal memory panel that allows up to four unique save slots for any combination of chair adjustments.

Use this for teams where one or more user is given a personal saving slot for their body size.

The Norsap Personal Memory panel recalls any previously saved chair size with one button press.

… but what is Norsap Quicksize?

In order to keep it simple, we made the Norsap Quicksize function, enabling all six electric motors to simultaneously run and adjust arm and leg parameters based on your height. This makes it a breeze to RESET and RESIZE the operator’s chair after the previous shift. Norsap Quicksize may also be used for complimentary adjustments to the arms and leg, speeding up the process when taking over the chair after a shift.

What are NORSOK standards?

The acronym NORSOK represents “the Norwegian shelf’s competitive position” and was introduced in 1994 to cut costs and improve competitiveness on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The Norwegian petroleum industry develops the NORSOK standards. Their purpose is to ensure safety and cost-effectiveness in developments and operations in the petroleum industry. They are intended to replace individual oil company specifications and serve as references for the industry.

You can read more about NORSOK here.

Can I Integrate free components, such as Joysticks and throttles, in Norsap chairs?


Norsap 800 and 1100 are not suitable for added equipment, but all other chairs can be equipped with enclosures for joysticks, engine throttles, or any other component you wish to integrate.

Before we can deliver these enclosures or add-on joystick boxes, we need to know the following information:

  • Where the components should be located. – Left or right side of the chair from the user’s perspective.
  • Depth x Width x Length of the component.
  • Bending radius and the number of cables leading to the component.

By sending us 3D models of the components you want to integrate, you can speed up the process. This is much appreciated by our R&D team. However, a CAD drawing such as DXF or DWG is also sufficient.

If you can’t provide 3D models or CAD drawings, please send us the make and model of the component so we can search our archive for the dimensions.

What is the maximum load of my chair?

The maximum load depends on the conditions the chair operates under and the equipment installed on it.

Consult your regional dealer or Norsap head office if you need guidance.

Can I download 3D files of my chair or rail?

We have 3D files for every chair and rail available.

Just go to your preferred chair or rail and download the .zip file. You will find this under “Datasheets” or the quick menu “Show downloads.” Inside the .zip file, you will find the chair or rail in Parasolid format (.x_t).

Use these files to visualize the chair in your project or to experiment with adding equipment to the armrests and figure out what you want to integrate with your chair.

What is a Parasolid file?

The Parasolid file format is native to the Parasolid geometrical kernel and used in various applications, including SolidWorks, SolidEdge, NX, Microstation, Ansys, and Abaqus.

If you have trouble importing Parasolid files to Autodesk, go to Autodesk knowledge to learn more.

If you have an Autodesk license for personal use, Parasolid files are not supported.

How do I adjust the chair or deck rail?

First, check the manual. If the desired adjustment is not mentioned in the manual, contact Norsap for instructions.

Some adjustments will void the warranty on the chair and components if done without guidance from Norsap.

Do I need to lubricate any moving parts?

Gliding parts on the chair can be lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant.

If the chair is on a deck rail, it is important that the deck rail’s tracks are NOT lubricated.

What should I do when I need spare parts?

You should take a picture or write down the chair model and order number of your chair. The label describing the chair is usually under the seat cushion or footrest. Contact your regional dealer or Norsap head office for delivery times.

Depending on the size and location of the needed part, it may be better to replace the module where the spare part is located. Our sales department will evaluate this in collaboration with our R&D team.

I want more adjustment possibilities or need to upgrade my chair.

You can upgrade or switch the chair top on some of our models. Contact Norsap head office to evaluate your options.

General Terms and Conditions

These General Conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Frequently asked questions regarding Ergonomics

Why are over- and underarm adjustments necessary on a chair?

Suppose the overarms or underarms of the chair are not properly adjusted for the user’s body. In that case, the chair may not provide enough support and stability, which can lead to discomfort and potentially even injury.

For example, if the overarms are too short, the user’s arms may not be properly supported, which can cause strain on the shoulders and neck. On the other hand, if the underarms are too long, It can cause the user to slouch or hunch forward in the chair, leading to poor posture and potential back pain.

How does a front tilt on the seat benefit the user?

Tilting the front of the seat pan, also known as seat pan angle adjustment, can be beneficial for a chair user because it can help reduce pressure on the thighs. This is because the seat pan’s angle affects how the user’s body weight is distributed on the chair.

When the front of the seat pan is tilted downward, it creates a slope that allows the user’s body weight to be distributed more evenly across the seat. This can help reduce pressure on the thighs, particularly the area behind the knees, a common pressure point for many people. By tilting the seat pan, the chair can be customized to fit the user’s body and provide a more comfortable seating experience.

In addition to reducing pressure on the thighs, tilting the seat pan can also help improve posture and decrease the risk of developing musculoskeletal problems. For example, a tilted seat pan can help encourage a more upright and natural posture, which can help reduce the risk of back pain. It can also help reduce the risk of developing problems like carpal tunnel syndrome by allowing the user to sit in a more relaxed and neutral position.

What are musculoskeletal problems?

Musculoskeletal problems are disorders or conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues that support and move the body. Some common examples of musculoskeletal problems include:

  • Arthritis: A group of conditions that cause inflammation and pain in the joints, leading to stiffness and difficulty moving.
  • Osteoporosis: A condition that weakens the bones and makes them more prone to fractures.
  • Low back pain: Pain or discomfort in the lower back that can be caused by a variety of factors, including muscle strain, arthritis, or a spinal condition.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: A condition that occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm to the hand, becomes compressed, leading to numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and wrist.
  • Tendinitis: Inflammation or irritation of a tendon, a strong, fibrous cord that connects muscle to bone.

Various factors, including poor posture, repetitive movements, and overuse injuries, can cause musculoskeletal problems. Depending on the severity of the condition, they can be treated with a range of therapies, including medications, physical therapy, and surgery.

How can chairs from Norsap help prevent musculoskeletal problems?

Chairs from Norsap are designed to provide comfortable and supportive seating for marine and offshore environments. Some of the features that may help prevent musculoskeletal problems include:

  • Adjustable lumbar support: Many Norsap chairs have adjustable lumbar support, which can help improve posture and reduce the risk of low back pain. The lumbar support can be adjusted to fit the curvature of the user’s lower back, providing additional support and helping to maintain a natural and healthy spine alignment.
  • Adjustable armrests: Norsap chairs often have adjustable armrests, which can help reduce strain on the shoulders and neck. By adjusting the armrests to the proper height, users can find a comfortable and supportive seating position that takes the weight off their shoulders and allows their arms to rest naturally at their sides.
  • Ergonomic design: Norsap chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind, which means that they are built to fit the natural contours of the human body. This can help reduce the risk of muscle strain and other musculoskeletal problems by allowing users to sit in a comfortable and natural position.

Overall, Norsap chairs are designed to provide comfortable and supportive seating that can help prevent musculoskeletal problems and promote overall health and well-being.

Frequently asked questions regarding Norsap pedestals

Are Norsap boat seat pedestals universal?

All our seat pedestals are universal and includes sliders for easier installation process.

Go to the desired seat pedestal with the features you need and compare the dimensions on the interface with your product. If you need assistance choosing the right pedestal, contact one of our dealers near you or one of our sales managers to get the perfect pedestal for your boat.

What is the best boat seat pedestal?

The best boat seat pedestal is the one that covers all your needs and gets you in the desired position.

Norsap has developed perfect pedestals for pleasure boats, yachts, vans, RVs and more. Whether it’s for seats or tables, we have many options to satisfy every boater’s needs. Norsap Seat pedestals have options such as fixed height, adjustable height, and spring or gas dampened styles.

All columns are standard anodized aluminum. The flanges are powder-coated white aluminum or polished 316 stainless steel finish.

I need a swivel for my boat seat.

Norsap supplies swivel with or without rails for your box mounted boat seat, perfect for more accessible exits or turn the seat around to socialize when anchored.

Did you know all seat pedestals from Norsap have rotation.

Frequently asked questions regarding Upholstery and embroidery

Can I get my name or logo on the chair?

Yes, you can.

Norsap 800, 1000, 1100, and 1500 can be delivered with embroidered logos on the backrest. Norsap 1600, 1800, and 4000 can be delivered with foil or embroidered logos on the backrest.

For embroidered logos, we need a high-resolution .BMP file. We need the logo in a vector format for foil logos for the best result.

Please fill out this form with the necessary information when placing the order.

Contact Norsap or your regional dealer for more information.

How do I clean my leather chair and ensure long-lasting leather quality?

As a natural product, leather is very durable and hardwearing, but all leather products require cleaning and protection. By following these instructions, you will ensure long-lasting leather quality. Never place leather furniture closer than 20-30cm to a radiator or in direct sunlight.


Cleaning removes everyday dirt and stains from your leather. The leather will develop grease spots or discoloration over time without proper cleaning. To avoid this, clean with Soft Cleaner regularly. We advise once a month.


Protect your leather to maintain its original quality. Use Leather Protection Cream 2-4 times a year. The Leather Protection Cream will protect against spots and preserve the leather’s softness.

You can also read more about the leather we use here

… but what about the fabric?

Fabric requires regular light vacuuming. Occasional cleaning should be done with a reputable brand of upholstery shampoo, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can read more about the fabric composition and abrasion resistance here

… but can I easily replace any cushion on any chair?

Yes. On most chairs, you can replace the backrest cushion by undoing a few clips or screws.

On Norsap 1100, Norsap 1600, and Norsap 2000 with leather backrests, the backrest cushion is part of the mechanical tilt adjustment. Make sure you have the correct instructions on how to replace these cushions before you start.

If there is lumbar support or any other integrated accessories in the backrest, specify this when ordering replacement cushions.

I am going to move or store my chair. Does Norsap sell covers?

Yes, we offer covers for all our chairs, seat cushions, and armrests.

Contact Norsap or your regional dealer to place your order.

What is the best boat seat cleaner?

If you need the best boat seat cleaner, we suggest using the Soft Cleaner for Leather by Leather Master. It is waterbased and biodegradable, a gentle but effective cleaning liquid.

Be sure to use a suitable cleaner and protectant for your leather types.

What is the best boat seat protectant?

The best boat seat cleaner and protectant we have found and deliver with our chairs, seats and cushions are from the Leather Master Scandinavia. When you receive a Norsap chair, we include one pack of Leather Protection Cream from Leather Master so you can start protecting your chair on day one.

Be sure to use a suitable cleaner and protectant for your leather types.

Frequently asked questions regarding certifications

What are the benefits of ISO 9001 certification and what does it mean?

ISO 9001 certification is a global standard for quality management that helps companies continuously improve their processes and meet customer needs. At Norsap, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality products and services that exceed customer expectations. Here are some of the benefits of ISO 9001 certification:

Increased customer satisfaction: ISO 9001 certification ensures that our quality management system meets global customer satisfaction standards, helping us better understand and meet customer needs.

Improved efficiency: The standard requires a focus on continuous improvement, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity in our processes.

Reduced costs: Improved efficiency can lead to reduced costs in areas such as waste reduction and increased productivity.

Better decision-making: The standard requires a focus on data-driven decision-making, which can help us make better, more informed decisions.

Enhanced reputation: Being ISO 9001 certified helps us demonstrate our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, enhancing our reputation with customers and stakeholders.

Norsap is dedicated to providing outstanding quality products and services, demonstrated by our ISO 9001 certification.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001 certification and what does it mean?

ISO 14001 certification is a global standard for environmental management, which helps companies to manage their environmental impact and sustainability. At Norsap, we understand the importance of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable business practices. Here are some of the benefits of ISO 14001 certification:

Environmental sustainability: ISO 14001 certification requires us to implement an environmental management system that helps us manage and reduce our environmental impact.

Cost savings: Implementing an environmental management system can lead to cost savings in areas such as energy and resource efficiency, waste reduction, and regulatory compliance.

Improved reputation: Being ISO 14001 certified helps demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, enhancing our reputation with customers, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.

Competitive advantage: As environmental concerns become more important to customers and society, being ISO 14001 certified gives us a competitive advantage over companies that do not have environmental management systems.

Improved business performance: By reducing environmental risks and improving sustainability practices, ISO 14001 certification can improve business performance and long-term success.

At Norsap, we are committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability, and our ISO 14001 certification is a testament to that commitment.


User manuals & Product sheets


  • Norsap 150 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 150 Product Sheet – Download
  • Norsap 500 User Manual – On Request
  • Norsap 500 Product Sheet – On Request
  • Norsap 800 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 800 Product Sheet – Download
  • Norsap 1000 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 1000 Product Sheet – Download
  • Norsap 1100 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 1100 Product Sheet – Download
  • Norsap 1500 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 1500 Product Sheet – Download
  • Norsap 1600 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 1600 Product Sheet – Download
  • Norsap 1800 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 1800 Product Sheet – Download
  • Norsap 4000 User Manual – Download
  • Norsap 4000 Product Sheet – Download

Manual Rails

Electrical Rails

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Download
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Download
  • NS800 & NS1000 High speed certification – Download
  • NS1500 & NS1700 High speed certification – Download
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