What chair do I choose?

The chair you choose is completely up to how your bridge layout is, usage and equipment you would like to interact with. How homogeneously you would like the bridge to be, and so on.

The Norsap chair range accommodates for a variety of controllers, monitors and layout. From the smallest Norsap 800 with the possibility to upgrade and accommodate for smaller joysticks, to the biggest Norsap 4000 L chair which handles up to 4 monitors, several buttons and 4 joysticks.

The Norsap 1100 with its ultra slim design and comfort, featured in several super yachts, air carriers and on-shore facilities with a classic 5 star base. Where the need for a smaller design chair is the primary need.

What is the difference between ACTIVE and IMPULSE?

Chairs referring to the term ACTIVE, is actuated or locked with various gas springs. When you want to adjust one of the adjustments, you need your body weight to set the selected adjustment in the desired position.

IMPULSE is all electric actuated and these settings can be easily and rapid adjusted manually or based of your height with the Norsap Quicksize function.

Does any of the Norsap chairs come with user memory?

As an add-on to Norsap Quicksize, the chair may be fitted with a Norsap personal memory panel that allows up to four unique save slots for any combination of chair adjustments.

Use this for teams where one or several of the users is given a personal saving slot for their body size.

The Norsap Personal Memory panel recalls any previously saved chair size with one button press.

… but what is Norsap Quicksize?

In order to keep it simple, we made the Norsap Quicksize function.

Enabling all six electric motors to simultaneously run, and adjust arms and legs parameters based on your height. Making it a breeze to RESET and RESIZE the operator’s chair after the previous shift.

Norsap Quicksize may also be used for complimentary adjustments to arms and leg, speeding up the process when taking over the chair after a shift.

What is the max load on my chair?

This is depends on the environment the boat is exposed to, and the installed equipment on the chair.

Consult with your regional dealer or Norsap head office, if you need guidance on chair model and solutions to meet your needs.

I want to adjust something on the chair or deck rail.

First read the manual on how to do it. If the desired adjustment is not mentioned in the manual, contact Norsap to get an instruction on how to do it.

Some adjustment will void the warranty on the chair and components if done without the knowledge and guidance from Norsap.

Do I need to lubricate any moving parts?

“Glide” parts of the chair can be lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant.

If the chair is on a deck rail, it is important that the deck rails railway is NOT lubricated.

How do I clean and ensure long and lasting leather quality?

As a natural product, leather is very durable and hardwearing, but all leather products require cleaning and protection. By following these instructions, you will ensure a long and lasting leather quality. Never place leather furniture closer than 20-30 cm to a radiator or in direct sunlight.

Cleaning removes everyday dirt and stains from your leather. Without proper cleaning the leather will over a period of time leave grease spots or discoloration’s. To avoid this, clean with Soft Cleaner on a regular basis. We advise once a month.

Protect your leather to guarantee that the original quality of the leather will be maintained. Use Leather Protection Cream, we advise 2-4 times a year. This will protect against spots and preserve the leathers softness.

… but what about the fabric?

Regular light vacuuming. Occasional cleaning should be done with a reputable brand of upholstery shampoo following the manufacturer’s instructions.

My seat or backrest cushion is worn, What do I do?

Contact Norsap or the dealer for your region, to place an order.

… but can I easily replace any cushion on any chair?

Yes, on the majority of chairs there is only clips or 4-6 screws that need to be undone to replace the backrest cushion.

On Norsap 1100, 2000 and Norsap 1600 with leather backrest. The backrest cushion is part of the mechanical tilt adjustment, be sure to have the correct instruction on how to replace this cushion before starting the replacement.

If there is a lumbar support, or any other integrated accessories in the backrest, specify this when ordering replacement cushions.

What should I do when I need spare part(s)?

You should take a picture or write down the chair model and order number for the chair , the label describing the chair is usually under the seat cushion or footrest. Contact your regional dealer or Norsap head office for delivery times.

Depending on the size and location of the spare part(s) you need, it may be better to replace the module where the spare part(s) is located. This is something our sales department with our R&D team will evaluate and decide.

I want more adjustments or need to upgrade my chair.

On some chair models you can upgrade or switch the chair top, contact Norsap head office to evaluate your options.

I am going to move or store my chair, do Norsap sell covers?

Yes, we have leather covers for all our chairs, seat cushions and armrest.

Contact Norsap or your regional dealer to place your order.


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