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On this page, you will find videos to help you adjust your chair to your preferred position, product reveals, and videos of our facilities.

Norsap facilities & suppliers

Short workflow presentation

This short video show our main local vendors like SørStål and AMF, and some of our own facilities. SørStål with their state of the art machinery for precision, delivers only the best parts for our chairs. AMF – Artic marine furniture, delivers cushions and other upholstery with or without embroidery. We are all located in the same industrial area, for short and responsive delivery, for easier transport and hands-on innovation.

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Ergonomy Overview

Norsap 1500 series

…  are one of our most popular chair series from its launch. Lasting for decades without little to none service and maintenance, this is the go-to chair when you need the perfect companion for work or leisure.

The video is representing the 800-, 1000- and 1500 series

Norsap 1100 series

…  is slim and modern design does not compromise comfort or function.

The video is representing the 1100 series.

Norsap 1600 series

…  has the strength of Norsap 1500 with a modern design. With the full leather or aluminum backrest, you can find just what suits your boat.

The video is representing the 1600 series.

Norsap 4000 series

 is an extensive module-based chair system offering endless combinations and options.

The video is representing the 1800 and 4000 series.

Product reveals

Norsap 4000 Agile

Take a look at our brand new Norsap 4000 Agile, the 4000 Agile is developed around the Norsap 4000 chair, with even more feature. The chair makes it possible to sit or stand without leaving the chair or controls. “You don’t want to think about your chair. You’re in the world’s toughest environment, you have a job to do and you’re under pressure – your chair should be the last thing on your mind. There isn’t much you can take for granted in this world, but you should be able to trust that your chair will offer support, comfort and security. At the very least. When you need to stand up – you need to stretch your legs during an extra challenging shift, or get a better overview of the chaos outside – you shouldn’t have to worry about taking your hands off your tools or finding the right moment. You shouldn’t even have to think about it. Your chair should stand up with you; the seat should get out of your way. Just like that. Effortless. This is our chair.”

Learn more about the Norsap 4000 Agile

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