Norsap Today

Norsap is serving the global market from modern manufacturing facilities located outside the port city of Kristiansand, Norway. We are the leading manufacturer of high quality chairs to the maritime and offshore industry. Recently we have increased our presence in the aviation simulation industry and other niches that require  customizable high-end seating solutions. Norsap is a long time supplier to the pleasure boat industry and industry in general.

Skilled people

Norsap has an innovative and committed workforce consisting of experienced mechanics, manufactureres, engineers, electricians and industrial designers.
Norsap emphasizes the health and safety of our employees and for all our customers.

Our Customers

Customers are fundamental to Norsap.
We are dedicated to always meet the customer requirements, and supply products of World class quality, according to our ISO 9001 certification.
We are continuously developing our product range, both in general and customized solutions, to maximize customer satisfaction and to be their best possible partner.
We always do business based at high moral, fairness and that we keep our promises.

Postal address

Mjåvannsvegen 45/47
NO-4628 Kristiansand S

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