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Photo by Liebherr of the Inside the Liebherr Heavy Lift Crane 150000-3000

What is a Crane chair

Whatever materials or objects you have to handle, Norsap Crane chairs will always help you perform your best no matter the job or time of the day.

Our Crane chairs are designed with the customer, trying our best to meet and exceed their expectations of what a crane chair can assist with.

Operator point of view photo inside the Liebherr Heavy Lift Crane 150000-3000 by Liebherr.
  • Norsap 1600 is an entry-level crane chair with gas struts to assist you in finding the right backrest angle or seat height. The Norsap 1600 series is a budget version of the Norsap 1800 but can still be fitted with the largest armrests and options originally designed for the Norsap 1800 and 4000 chairs.
Close-up view of a customised Norsap 1800 chair with ergonomic adjustments
  • Norsap 1800 is the next-level driller chair with gas struts to assist you in finding the right ergonomic positions, whatever that may be. It has Backrest, seat angle and depth, height, and sliding seat adjustments to meet short and long arms. Engage, adjust and work.
  • Norsap 4000 chair has the same adjustments as the Norsap 1800, but the adjustments can be finetuned without effort or any distraction with the integrated control panel. The Norsap 4000 can be delivered with fixed or adjustable columns and armrests meeting your requirements.
  • Norsap 4000 – The 4000 Agile is developed around the Norsap 4000 chair, with even more features. The chair makes it possible to sit or stand without leaving the chair or controls. Without the need for footrests and columns beneath the seat, the view is only limited by the armrests with your choice of controllers.

Contact one of our many dealers and agents worldwide, or contact our head office in Kristiansand to tell us what you need from your helm chair.

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