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What is a Driller chair?

A driller chair is a specialized seat used by drillers or workers in drilling operations, mainly in the oil and gas industry, to ensure comfort and ergonomic support during long hours of operation. It is commonly found in the control room or driller’s cabin on a drilling rig or platform, usually placed at an elevated level for a clear view of the drilling operations and surrounding areas. The chair’s purpose is to enable the driller overseeing and operating the drilling equipment to perform their duties efficiently.

In offshore drilling operations, the control room is typically located on the drilling rig or platform, near the mast or derrick that houses the drilling equipment. This proximity allows the driller to closely monitor the drilling process, communicate with other crew members, and control the rig’s operations. On land-based drilling sites, the control room may be a separate structure located nearby, providing a central location for managing drilling operations. In both cases, the driller chair is placed within the control room, offering a comfortable and centralized position to observe and control the drilling activities.

The location of the driller chair may vary depending on the rig design, site layout, and the drilling company’s preferences. However, it is designed to meet the specific requirements of drilling operations, such as controlling the drilling rig, monitoring equipment, and overseeing the drilling process. Driller chairs usually feature adjustable height, backrest, and armrests to provide optimal comfort and reduce body strain during extended work periods. Additionally, they may include lumbar support, comfortable cushioning, swivel or sit/stand capabilities, allowing drillers to adjust their posture and position with ease.

The primary goal of a driller chair is to enhance the comfort, productivity, and safety of drillers while they work, considering the demanding nature of drilling operations.

Norsap 4000 Agile drillers chair in our Norsap showroom in Kristiansand, Norway.

What to consider when choosing a Driller chair?

When selecting a suitable drilling chair, there are several key features and qualities that should be prioritized to ensure the comfort, safety, and productivity of the driller. Firstly, it is essential that the chair is ergonomically designed to properly support the driller’s body, including their back, arms, and legs. This necessitates adjustable height, backrest angle, and armrests to accommodate different body types and preferences.

Another crucial consideration is vibration control. A good drilling chair should be designed to minimize the transmission of vibrations from the drilling equipment or rig to the driller. This can be achieved through the incorporation of vibration-dampening materials or mechanisms to reduce the impact of vibrations on the driller’s body, providing a more comfortable working environment and minimizing the risk of fatigue or potential health issues associated with prolonged exposure to vibrations.

Mobility is also an important feature, as the chair may need to be easily movable depending on the specific drilling operation. It should have tracks, sit/stand, or a foundation with a rotation that enables the driller to work standing up or move around the workstation with ease.

Safety is a crucial factor as well. The chair should adhere to safety standards and have features like locking mechanisms to prevent accidental movements. It should also have an appropriate weight capacity to support the driller’s weight.

Finally, functionality can greatly enhance the driller’s productivity. Integrated controls for operating drilling equipment, storage compartments for tools or documents, or built-in interfaces for communication systems can all contribute to a more efficient and streamlined work environment.

By prioritizing these qualities, a suitable drilling chair can help minimize discomfort, reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, and promote efficiency for drillers during their work shifts.

Norsap chairs are designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic seating with documented vibration control and the capability to incorporate monitors, different controllers, and compartments for documentation or other necessities.

Close-up of our Norsap 4000 Agile drillers chair in the Norsap showroom.

Here are the most suitable Driller Chairs from Norsap

  • Norsap 1800 is an entry-level driller chair with gas struts to assist you in finding the correct ergonomic positions. Engage, adjust and work.
  • Norsap 4000 performs even if the chair is equipped with four monitors, four joysticks, and more- This electric chair has the same adjustments as the Norsap 1800. Still, the adjustments can be finetuned without effort or any distraction. The Norsap 4000 can be delivered with fixed or adjustable columns and armrests meeting your requirements.
  • Norsap 4000 – Agile is the new edition to our product line, exceeding what regular chairs can do. It supports you like the Norsap 4000 does while seated but also supports you when you stand, so you can perform or alter your working position when and how you want. The Norsap 4000 – Agile is delivered with a floor structure that handles all the electronics, the chair rotation, and cables from the armrests. We also further developed the IGUS rotary motion carrier system for doubling the cable amount in a 360° swivel system.
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