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What is a Driller chair?

Driller chairs should help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury or strain by making it easier and safer to control sophisticated drilling machines over time.

Norsap 4000 has the best adjustments regarding ergonomics in our line of products for optimal comfort and reduced strain on longer shifts.

Our armrest is customizable to your needs and liking with few limits. Monitor arms and enclosures for the most popular monitors are tested and approved by some of the biggest and best in the oil and gas industry.

  • Norsap 1800 is an entry-level driller chair with gas struts to assist you in finding the correct ergonomic positions. Engage, adjust and work.
  • Norsap 4000 performs even if the chair is equipped with four monitors, four joysticks, and more- This electric chair has the same adjustments as the Norsap 1800. Still, the adjustments can be finetuned without effort or any distraction. The Norsap 4000 can be delivered with fixed or adjustable columns and armrests meeting your requirements.
  • Norsap 4000 – Agile is the new edition to our product line, exceeding what regular chairs can do. It supports you like the Norsap 4000 does while seated but also supports you when you stand, so you can perform or alter your working position when and how you want. The Norsap 4000 – Agile is delivered with a floor structure that handles all the electronics, the chair rotation, and cables from the armrests. We also further developed the IGUS rotary motion carrier system for doubling the cable amount in a 360° swivel system.

Whatever you may challenge or experience beneath the soil or deep waters, searching for oil or natural gases, these Norsap Driller chairs will help you perform when you need to. No matter the size or length, personal preferences, or company requirements.

Norsap supports and adjusts to your needs with only one input with the Quicksize or fine adjust the chair with the control panel to perform when you need to forget it.

Contact one of our many dealers and agents worldwide, or contact our Head office located in Kristiansand to tell us how you need your Driller chair to be.

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