Norsap 4000

Art.No 8945

Norsap 4000 Impulse M Aluminum back XL column

Column height

Seat height

Adjusts the seat plane in relation to the armrests.
Armrests are fixed.

GripLength / seat top adjustment

Adjusts the seat in relation to the armrests, to accommodates for different underarm lengths
Armrests are fixed


Front and rear tilt

Seat pan length

Adjusts the length of the seat pan


Adjusts the angel of the backrest


The Norsap 4000 Impulse is a large module-based platform offering endless combinations and options. It has an electrical height adjustable footrest, and has the XL column with large footprint with 4 mounting holes for secure fastening to the deck. This is designed to integrate with the Active or Impulse deck rail that can be delivered as a flush or top mounted deck rail.